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Accountability Initiative: Attorney at Law Karma Zaike UPDATE LAWYER NAMED SUSPECT

August 18th, 2011 · 7 Comments · DV Courts, DV Industry

We are pleased to announce a the launch of a new Accountability Initiative naming Seattle Attorney Karma L. Zaike (WSBA number 31037).

Ms. Zaike works out of the Michael W. Bugni  and Associates Law Firm located at 11300 Roosevelt Way NE Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98125, she has been a member of the Washington BAR for a little over ten years.

At this point facts are still being uncovered and the situation is still very fluid, but the latest acts of misconduct have the possibility of landing this abuser in Superior Court facing Felony Charges.

We will be taking great pleasure in demonstrating the effects of being held accountable for one’s actions with this problem Lawyer. She has been spreading the poison of the DV Industry (while taking truckloads of cash to the bank and feeding the likes of Doug Bartholomew and Seth Ellner plenty of business) and alienating children from loving fathers for far to long.

As you may notice some of the same names keep popping up in our stories, Bartholomew, Zegree, Adams, Martin, Alquist, Hedrick, Todd, Sassaman, Russell, Ponomarchuk, etc. the reason is simple they are all part of the conspiracy known as the “DV Industry” here in Seattle and Washington State.

Based on preliminary information Zaike has been threatening State Officials with lawsuits, Tampering with a minor victim of Domestic Violence (mother attempted to strangle the child), Ms. Zaike reportedly threatened the minor if the truthful report made to Law Enforcement was not retracted among other statements. Coordinating possible violations of a Criminal No Contact Order which was perpetrated at the Bugni Law Frim Office, it is unclear if Mr. Bugni knew, supported, and/or engaged in this activity but the violations did happen at the office bearing his name.

If you are facing Ms. Zaike in current legal proceeding it may be worth sending a Public Disclosure Request to the Renton Police Department and Washington State DSHS CPS for information which likely could be used to put this abuser back into the cave she crawled out of some ten years ago.

As this Initiative unfolds and you would like to be a part or have additional information to contribute, email wadvpress@gmail.com and we will get right back to you.

UPDATE: Karma Zaike has been identified as “SUSPECT” on Renton Police Case number 2011-00007955, it is unclear if the case is proceeding at this point, but the word SUSPECT is far more appropriate than LAWYER. Zaike’s response to this Accountability Initiative, retain the legal services of Criminal Lawyer Geoffrey L. Burg (WSBA 24406)  206-467-3190 geoff@glblaw.com. Burg stated in a telephone call to RPD on 8-24-11 that he was “concerned about Karma’s livelihood” ahh the first concern of all good sleazeball lawyer’s MONEY.

Her lawyer is simply saying the Karma does not want to accept any accountability for her illegal actions and does not want her income effected because of her actions being publicized, sorry Karma and Geoff but when your actions come to the attention of wadvpress we will become a regular part of your world until your bottom feeding tactics are all exposed.

Bloody Hands on this one-

Karma Zaike – 206-365-5500 karma@lawgate.net


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  • wadvpress

    Unfortunately, the WSBA is more concerned about the well being of their “reputation” than the actual truth. That will most likely show loud and clear here, followed by a “proclamation” that this was “fully investigated”.

    The DSHS knows this and acts accordingly. The reputation of the DV Industry in WA State will continue to soil itself until somebody with the appropriate gonads finally stands up for what is right.

    In other words, don’t hold your breath.

    This is WHY WA State sucks.

  • concerned

    I say thank you for shedding light on this. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. One day these immoral players will reap what they sow. The pendulum will swing back.

  • A patient Man

    She was mistakenly named at birth, should have been Kali not Karma

  • concerned

    I see that. She has plenty of jackals to ride on.

  • Ex Mrs. Brian McGarvey

    Ponomarchuk destroyed any chance of my children having a relationship with their father by NOT holding him accountable for his negligence in parenting or shall I say choosing to not parent them when he was required to. I asked the court to order family counseling to help the children heal emotionally from their father abandoning them and to help rebuild their relationship with their father. Years of intentionally ignoring the parenting plan and threatening to withold child support if he was brought into court is perfectly fine even though the children were and still are devastated by their fathers lack of interest in their lives. Ponomarchuk is a bully, intimidating and abusive.

  • Caren

    Can anyone recommend an attorney to go up against this bitch, Karma?

  • Nancy

    This is so over the top that I can only assume you are making this up or were on the other side of a divorce case. I hired Karma Zaike over a year ago and have experienced nothing but top notch legal representation and a very successful outcome to a difficult case. She was fair, economical and provided outstanding legal advice all along the way. I doubt this comment will be aired but I’m giving it a try anyway.

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