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Today is Parental Alienation Day in the United States

April 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments · DV Family, DV News

Today, April 25th, is Parental Alienation Day. Hmmm, what does that have to do with Domestic Violence? It’s quite simple really – the United States Department of Justice Domestic Violence Website states that keeping a child from their parent is Domestic Violence. Parental Alienation is one parent either keeping a child from their parent, or working to undermine their relationship in a danger game that is damaging to the relationship between children and their parent. Sounds like Domestic Violence to me.

Yet, when we hear from agencies such as the YWCA of Pierce County testifying in front of our Legislature with regards to shared parenting bills, they always testify that Domestic Violence Abusers are the only ones seeking shared parenting, and it is so they can continue to abuse the other parent. Yet, the very notion of keeping these other parents from their children is a form of Domestic Violence. So, who is abusing whom here.

I personally would call the YWCA a perpetrator of domestic violence for this stance, along with the others that take the same stance – the Eastside Domestic Violence Center, and members of Washington Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The non-profit agencies benefit from the federal and state dole that that they use to promote this very bias against loving fathers and mothers that have lost custody of their children, and work diligently to promote the idea that only abusers could want custody of their children. You might be right – only the abusers of the DV laws, the Parental Alienators – those are the abusers that seek to control the other parent.

The sad thing is their stand only dilutes the cause for real victims of domestic violence – the children, who are left with a bifurcated family, a parent that tries to control the other parent through their children, and ensures the outcome for the children will never be what it could have been.

The DV Industry of Washington State needs to get it’s priority straight. DV is a serious issue that effects both men and women. The rest of the non-sense is a distraction that only hurts innocent people – men, women and more importantly – CHILDREN.

Today is Parental Alienation Awareness Day. Please consider making a donation to a worthwhile cause – one that is trying to stop the damage to children. Take that donation for a DV agency and send it to one that is working to end Family Abuse.

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  • Billy

    Kevin Rundle from the YWCA?

  • Greg Towne

    Yes, Kevin Rundle from the YWCA is the worst offender toward men and children. I am not surprised to hear that a family organization is planning a multi civil action lawsuit against him.

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